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  1. Other Europe
    Hello all! Long story short, I am intending to buy a holiday property in the Netherlands, while living/ being resident in Dubai, and wondered how many days I can vacation there each year without being considered a resident tax wise? I have no spouse or children (so no ties for tax purposes)...
  2. France Expat Forum for Expats Living in France
    Looking for a tax account or someone who can give me advice on French taxes. We are Americans with a long stay visa and our appointment with the OFII to get our carte de Sejour. We read that if one files French taxes and pays tax that it is possible to get on the social security health...
  3. Articles: Australasia & the Pacific Islands
    Expats are forcing ordinary Australian families out of the property market as they cannot afford rising prices, it is claimed. Figures shows that expats, predominately from the UK, India and China, are increasing in numbers and are snapping up properties and forcing prices upwards to some of...
1-3 of 3 Results