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  1. Living overseas not getting any easier for British pensioners, research suggests

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    Whilst economists and UK exporters have welcomed the weakening of sterling as heralding a much-needed correction to the UK's chronic trade imbalances, it is not good news for expat pensioners, new research shows. For the hundreds of thousands of British pensioners who live abroad in Europe and...
  2. British expats prefer British banks and sterling, international banking survey shows

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    British expats believe that British banks are best and many prefer to keep their savings in Sterling, a survey has found. Their confidence in the British financial system is maintained even after living abroad for many years with 55% of those who have been overseas for over five years still...
  3. Sterling Currency | Barclays Wealth International Pound Sterling (GBP) Currency Guide

    Who might need international sterling products and services? You might benefit from international sterling facilities if: You are moving to the UK You are going to live, work or study in the UK You want to invest or buy property in the UK. Currency exchange By creating a sterling account...
  4. British expats back sterling and stick with UK banks for financial products, survey shows

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    British expats are confident about the performance of sterling and most prefer to stick with a UK bank for financial products when the move abroad, research shows. Some two thirds, 62%, still use a UK bank for pensions, insurance needs and financial products, the Lloyds TSB International Expat...
  5. Sterling expected to hold up as Euro crisis likely to continue

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    Sterling's rally against the Euro is expected to continue throughout the summer but at a more gradual pace despite the UK deficit being worse than previously announced, according to currency experts. The next couple of weeks are likely to see some ups and downs after Prime Minister David...
  6. Sterling still weak and not likely to see much change in the short term with UK emergency budget looming

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    British expats in the Euro Zone whose income is in Sterling and who are constantly battling with fluctuation currency exchange rates are unlikely to see much improvement in the short term. The Euro zone debt crisis and the impending emergency budget next month in the UK are both unlikely to...
  7. Sterling staring into an abyss as fears grow over debt and a hung parliament

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    Sterling is set to be particularly volatile in coming weeks as the markets get jittery over the possibility of a hung parliament in the UK.  Sterling hit a six week low against the euro yesterday and at one point was as low as $1.4781, its lowest level against the dollar since May last year...
  8. British expats struggling to cope with weak Sterling as experts predict further falls on disappointing GDP figures

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    British expats are struggling to cope with a weaker pound in a number of key offshore markets with those living in Spain suffering the most, according to a survey. Expats in Australia and New Zealand though seem relatively unaffected by the weakening currency, the survey from foreign exchange...