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  1. Immigration continues to boost the size of New Zealand’s population

    Articles: Australasia & the Pacific Islands
    People moving to New Zealand to work and live continue to be the main driver behind the nation’s rising population, edging towards five million, the latest official figures show. As of the end of June 2018 the country’s population was 4,885,300, which is the equivalent of adding the population...
  2. Young people from overseas boosting New Zealand’s population

    Articles: Australasia & the Pacific Islands
    More young people than ever before are moving to New Zealand with the country seeing its population grow by more than 100,000 in the 12 months to June 2017. Overall the population grew by 100,400, the largest ever increase for a June year, according to the date from Statistics New Zealand...
  3. UK population saw biggest increase since 1947 Just Before Brexit Vote

    Articles: Europe
    Before the UK voted to leave the European Union, the country recorded the sharpest annual population increase in nearly 70 years, driven mainly by immigration, official figures show. There were an estimated 65,648,000 people living in the country at the end of June 2016, up 0.8% or 538,000...
  4. New Zealand’s population set to become more broad based

    Articles: Australasia & the Pacific Islands
    New Zealand’s population is projected to increase by about a million in the next 20 years with ethnic group numbers also set to increase, new figures show. The analysis from Statistics New Zealand suggests that ethnic groups with higher birth rates or higher migration rates will increase their...
  5. Record numbers moving to live and work in New Zealand, with big rise in British expats

    Articles: Australasia & the Pacific Islands
    More people are making a new life in New Zealand than ever before with official figures showing that more than 70,600 people settled in the year to December 2016. The data from Statistics New Zealand shows that this beat the previous annual record set a month earlier with the increase coming...
  6. New report suggests the UK needs more migration due to ageing population

    Articles: Europe
    Rising immigration from European Union countries is regarded as being the big issue that prompted the majority of the country to vote to leave the EU but a new report highlights the benefits of migration. Migration could boost the British economy by £625 billion or 11.4% by 2064/2065, mainly...
  7. EU vote will mean change for immigrants in UK regardless of outcome

    Articles: Europe
    If the UK leaves the European Union life for expats across the continent will change and now the opinion polls are indicating a rise in support for exiting. The latest online survey from YouGov puts the Leave campaign three points ahead of Remain at 45% and 41% respectively with 11% undecided...
  8. New Zealand sees first annual gain in migration from Australia for 20 years

    Articles: Australasia & the Pacific Islands
    More people from New Zealand are moving back home, especially from Australia, as the country sees its first annual net gain in migrants from Australia in over 20 years. New Zealand had a record annual net gain, more arrivals than departures, of migrants in the October 2015 year of 62,500. It...
  9. Non-British born population exceeds eight million as UK becomes popular with migrants

    Articles: Europe
    More and more people are moving to live and work in the UK with the country’s foreign-born population just 2,000 below the record set in 2005, new official figures show. People seeking jobs, students and people with family already in the UK have combined to take the population not born in the...
  10. UK sees drop in expats from Caribbean, rise from Eastern Europe

    Articles: Europe
    Jamaicans are no longer among the top 10 overseas-born groups in the UK with more immigrants from Europe, especially Eastern Europe, new official data shows. There are now more expats living in the UK who were born in Poland and the Indian-born population has grown by half since 2004, according...
  11. Steep rise in Chinese people arriving in New Zealand

    Articles: Australasia & the Pacific Islands
    New Zealand is proving increasingly popular with people from China with the number of visitors increasing by 45% in May, official data shows. Overall visitor arrivals to New Zealand numbered 176,700 in May 2015, up 10% compared to May 2014, the figures from Statistics New Zealand also...
  12. UK census data tracks changes in foreign-born arrivals

    Articles: Europe
    Almost half of people living in the UK who were born abroad have described themselves as being from a white ethnic group while 33% identified as Asian, official data shows. Figures from the 2011 Census, which have now been released by the Office of National Statistics, also show 13% label...
  13. More New Zealanders identify with ethnic roots, new study shows

    Articles: Australasia & the Pacific Islands
    An increasing proportion of New Zealanders identify with Māori, Asian, and Pacific ethnicities according to a new ethnic population study. The proportion identifying as Māori is projected to grow from 16% in 2013 to 17% in the mid-2020s, and to nearly 20% in 2038, while those identifying...
  14. Population 4,444,444

    New Zealand Expat Forum for Expats Living in NZ
    Just their educated guess . . . 4,444,444 About 100 years ago - the 1911 census recorded 1,008,468 people. Fifty years before that, 1861 - just 99,021
  15. More Immigration visas will lead to increase in Australian NSW population

    Australia Expat Forum for Expats Living in AU
    Population levels in New South Wales (NSW) are dropping dramatically; Net migration has gone down fifty percent in the last two years, caused in part by the Australian government making it more difficult to obtain skilled migration visas and student visas. The economic boom in Australia means...
  16. Interesting Fact about OZ

    Australia Expat Forum for Expats Living in AU
    Population clock one births every 1 minute and 46 seconds, one death every 3 minutes and 40 seconds , a net gain of one international migration every 2 minutes and 44 seconds, leading to an overall total population increase of one person every 1 minute and 31 seconds :)
  17. How many ex pats in lake chapala?

    Mexico Expat Forum for Expats Living in Mexico
    Anyone know the Lake Chapala area ex pat population and what's the median age?
  18. More Kiwis leaving for Oz, research suggests

    Articles: Australasia & the Pacific Islands
    More people are leaving New Zealand for a long term life in Australia and the trend is keeping the country’s population lower than it was last year, data reveals. The population gain from migration continued has bounced back from a low point in June, but was down on a year earlier as more...
  19. UAE population to grow 6% in 2009 | Joke of the Day Business 24/7

    Dubai Expat Forum for Expats Living in Dubai
    So yesterday the RERA were going to show the rest of the world how to regulate the property industry.. Today's Joke ........ UAE population to grow 6% in 2009 where do the get it from talk about free press and the best part the press has gone too far, who do the think they are talking to...