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    South Florida is attracting expats from around the world, many of whom buy a holiday home and then end up moving there, an international conference has heard. Of the 500,000 new residents who moved to the Miami, Broward, Palm Beach metro area over the last five years, for example, some 65% or...
  2. Articles: Americas
    Some overlooked destinations around the world are set to become more popular in 2016, according to a new analysis of travel demand changes over the last two years. Queens in New York is set to overtake Brooklyn as the most popular destination for visitors staying in the city's outer boroughs...
  3. Articles: Asia
    Hong Kong is the most popular city in the world, followed by London, Singapore, Bangkok and Paris, according to new research using the most up to date figures available. The city had 27.7 million international visitors in 2014, up 8.2%, way ahead of second ranked London at 17.3 million...
1-3 of 4 Results