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  1. Expat Tax
    I am a US citizen but tax resident in the UK for almost two decades. I have savings in both the USA and the UK. I have to pay UK tax on all of my passive income, whether generated in the USA or the UK. The US Foreign Tax Credit appears to only offer me credit for the UK tax on the UK passive...
  2. Expat Tax
    I am sure there are several questions about Form 1116 I have almost completed my 2012 taxes but need to finalize the Passive income category for Form 1116. I am using TaxAct. I am trying to figure out how to report information from a Canadian T3 form for the Passive category income section of...
  3. Expat Tax
    Hello all. I am a US citizen living in Cardiff, UK. I trade the US financial markets and earn capital gains, interest and dividends ("passive income"). I have no US earned (wage) income. I am not employed or even self-employed. Since I am not wealthy I need to bring my trading income into...
1-3 of 3 Results