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  1. Expat Media & Research Requests
    Good afternoon all. I am a photojournalist and was wondering if anyone will be celebrating the Queens Jubilee next month, here in the South of France area. It would be great to document people celebrating the occasion outside of GB. Do please get in touch if you know of any celebrations or if...
  2. Mabuhay Club Corner
    Our Municipality had its annual Festival celebrations and the next thing I see is the "Tent" up across half the road, with friends poster up, my neighbor was 46 years old died from over drinking his liver gave out. My wife's friend who lives next door to him said that he'd been drinking from...
  3. Portugal Expat Forum for Expats Living in Portugal
    Hello fellow ex-pats! We are having a little party on June the 21st for the solstice and would like to invite local people to come and join us for a free vegetarian buffet, fun, games, entertainment, music and more. The desire is to meet up with like-minded individuals to create a local...
  4. Dubai Expat Forum for Expats Living in Dubai
    Hello! I'm looking for a decorator for a small event in Dubai. Please recommend any good decorators you know. Thank you!
  5. Dubai Expat Forum for Expats Living in Dubai
    I know Ramadan is only a few weeks away but I'm looking to find a dj night/venue to throw parties in Dubai later in the summer. I've been here for a couple of months now and really want to get back into it. Does anyone have an idea of any bars who are looking for quality house djs or know of...
  6. Other Asia
    Hi there! I´m Latin mix indian female,ex model who´s learning spanish. I would like to expand my social network and meet people from all walks of life! Whether its to party, having coffee,or a fun day at the beach! Do feel free to msg me if your on the same agenda! Con amor Maiya
  7. Dubai Expat Forum for Expats Living in Dubai
    Hello :) Does anyone know someone (person/agency) who would rent a villa or a penthouse, preferably with a private pool access for a private party in Dubai? Nothing too crazy, just to have a nice family day at the pool and gathering at night with some friends. Google wasn't helpful at all!
  8. Spain Expat Forum for Expats Living in Spain
    heeyy guys!! i just signed up here so i don't rly know how it works.. ok so im moving to the beautiful ALICANTE (san juan) on the first of August ..i'm going to be an AuPair (some kind of a babysitter) for 4-5 months , so i'm looking to make friends here.. basically im 19 , i lOOve parties and...
  9. The Sandpit
    Hello Guys, I will be in Dubai from 27 to 30 April, I found that there are some good beach and yacht parties going on during this period. I would be glad if someone can accompany me. Looking for positive replies from lively Dubai Expats.
  10. The Sandpit
    Hi There I am a 29 year old German expat who is keen to find some like-minded boys and girls to organize private Techno parties with. As the "club scene" in Dubai is limited to commercial music, it would be a great idea to gather a good number of people and organize our own parties on the...
  11. Italy Expat Forum for Expats Living in Italy
    Another year has passed and it is time once again for our Annual Expat Get-together! The event this year will take place on Sunday 22nd April 2012 from 11.00 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. at the home of English expats Freddi and Vince, a detached villa just 200 metres from the sea. You will be able...
  12. Dubai Expat Forum for Expats Living in Dubai
    Hey guys nd girls i really wanna go to this years sand dance but don't wanna go on my own is there anyone else on here that fancies an all day party bindge down on the beach? im 24 from ireland nd keen to meet anyone who fancies chillen out nd gavin a bit of fun in dubai let me know cheers...
  13. Dubai Expat Forum for Expats Living in Dubai
    hello everyone, i'm a german hotel management student, 24 years, and moving for six months to dubai for an internship. to put it in a nutshell: i'm living right now in hong kong, going out for party for sure 2 nights a week - dancing, drinking and having fun till early morning. i'm worried...
1-13 of 25 Results