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  1. Other Americas
    Hi, I need a furnished studio in Panama city (Central America) for three months. Any websites or rental contacts expats or locals can recommend? Also, what locations in the city do you recommend?
  2. Other Americas
    Hi to all! I'm approaching the big 50 and am looking seriously at living in a coastal town in Ecuador or Panama. The two spots that seem to feel right are Canoa Ecuador and Pedasi Panama. I'd truly appreciate any advice and local knowledge before I start my "in country" research. Any info or...
  3. Introductions
    Good Morning, I'm Obie. I just registered because I'd like to post with people who've already moved to Belize, Panama, etc (the Carribean) (spell); and I'd like to receive advice on getting there, staying there. I was born in Washington, D.C., Father with the Treasury Department, Mother, a...
  4. International Expat Discussions
    Hi everyone, I just moved to Panama and I am missing a couple of European things here (like good cheese, lamb meat, pubs...). What products/brands/services are you missing in Latin America in general and in Panama in particular? Cheers, J
  5. Introductions
    Hello, I have lived in the central highlands of Panama for almost 8 years--moved here from North Carolina, USA in 2004. I grow organic coffee and medicinal plants. Living here has been the most challenging and rewarding adventure of my life. Panama is a lovely country, with lovely people. It is...
  6. International Expat Discussions
    My partner and I are seriously considering moving to Panama. One thing that is holding us back is information about health insurance availability there. My partner will soon be 80 and I will be 75. We are in good health with only minor problems associated with age - high blood pressure...
  7. Articles: Americas
    Employment prospects for expats in Panama and those wishing to move there is likely to soar in 2011 as the country heads for a skills shortage, it is claimed. Some 34 major infrastructure projects are getting underway and are creating 34,000 direct jobs, according to government officials...
  8. Australia Expat Forum for Expats Living in AU
    Wow, there are so many Brits here it is like Spain here. Most amazingly of all, some of these expats don't like it. We moved here in November and we love it. I'm writing a blog about our experiences. (Snip Duplicate of other post)
  9. Introductions
    I've visited about 40 countries in the last 20 years. Since having my kids, now aged 10, 7 and 4, I've slowed down a bit but never given traveling up. After emmigrating from the UK and spending ten years living and breeding on a beautiful island in New Zealand, we packed it all in and, much to...
1-9 of 9 Results