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  1. Moving Abroad for Love

    Expat Media & Research Requests
    *Admin - please delete if this is unwarranted but since this is a thread about people moving to the Middle East or Northern Africa, I wanted to make them aware of my casting call* Hi there! My name is Rebecca - I'm a casting producer at Sharp Entertainment, well known for our popular TLC...
  2. Are British expats unsociable? This survey says yes

    When it comes to integrating overseas, British expats certainly live up to their reserved and unfriendly stereotype, with almost a third never going beyond their social groups, new research has found. British expats living in African countries and the United Arab Emirates are the least...
  3. Expat chef shares tale of moving across the globe for love

    Love is often the reason many people end up living and working abroad. For expat Spanish chef Miguel Maestre, it was the reason he ended up in Australia. The television personality and star of Channel 10’s The Living Room struck up a romance with Australia after sparks flew at an Edinburgh...
  4. Family the number one reason for Brits wanting to move abroad, new survey finds

    Nearly two fifths of Britons with children would consider a move abroad, with 45% of those citing their families as an incentive for the move, new research has found. When asked to select reasons for emigration, the research from Lloyds International Private Banking showed that bringing...
  5. British expats believe they are better off living abroad

    Articles: Europe
    The number of British expats planning to move back to the UK has dropped in the past six months as they view austerity measures as a good reason for staying put, a new survey shows. Some 65% of expats think their financial prospects are better abroad and have no plans to move back to their home...
  6. Expats cut back on luxuries due to global economic downturn but most have no plans to return home, survey shows

    The highest paid expats in the world are living in Asia but worldwide most expats have found that the global economic downturn has affected their finances especially in the UK which is one of the most expensive countries in the world for foreigners, according to the largest ever survey...