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  1. EU vote will mean change for immigrants in UK regardless of outcome

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    If the UK leaves the European Union life for expats across the continent will change and now the opinion polls are indicating a rise in support for exiting. The latest online survey from YouGov puts the Leave campaign three points ahead of Remain at 45% and 41% respectively with 11% undecided...
  2. Fewer people leaving the UK to work abroad, latest figures show

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    Fewer British people are leaving the country to move abroad, with 14,000 less becoming expats in 2015, official figures show. But the UK is still popular with people from other countries and the data from the Office of National Statists (ONS) shows that annual net immigration increased to...
  3. New analysis reveals significant impact on immigration if UK leaves EU

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    If the UK decides to leave the European Union there would be s significant reduction in immigration, according to a new research report. The analysis published by the National Institute of Economic Research (NIESR) shows that this reduction would lead, in the long run, to lower GDP per capita...