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  1. Australia Expat Forum for Expats Living in AU
    Hi, I live in Sydney and have a decent 1 year of experience in Marketing. 6 months in India and 6 months in Sydney but I am finding it hard to get a job even though I am a permanent resident. Almost every recruitment agency requires at least 2 years of experience for entry-level jobs too. And...
  2. Britain Expat Forum for Expats Living in the UK
    Hi, I'm 22, not a UK citizen but will be getting my first adult UK passport through my father. Completed bachelors in Marketing last year with 3.2 CGPA, have only a 2-year work experience in the Digital Marketing field, gave IELTS and didn't get impressive bands (L=6, W=6.5, R=6, S =7.5) as I...
  3. Australia Expat Forum for Expats Living in AU
    Hello! What are the job prospects for an Indian with 10+ years of experience in Marketing, Sales, Online Content, etc. I have been recommended Marketing Specialist (225113) as a nominated occupation (State nominated Migration 190-Subclass & Regional state 489-Subclass). Would be great if...
1-3 of 3 Results