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  1. UK Fiance Visa Delays - Advice Needed

    Britain Expat Forum for Expats Living in the UK
    Hello everyone, my name is Lisa and I applied for the Fiance Visa from Malaysia in July 2019. I'm Malaysian while my fiance is a British citizen. To summarise our situtation: my fiance visa application was initially rejected in Nov 2019, I appealed to the court and "won" the case in March 2020...
  2. Uk Employee working in Malaysia

    Expat Tax
    Hi, I've been employed in the UK for 4 years and I'm looking to continue to work at the same company remotely from Malaysia. My manager is supportive of the idea but Its quite a new concept for everyone at my company and I'm worried that a lack of understanding might thwart might efforts in...
  3. Is it possible to renew malaysia passport in the UK without marriage certificate?

    Britain Expat Forum for Expats Living in the UK
    Just to give a little background, I am a malay lady (muslim by default of course) residing in the UK on partner/spouse visa and unmarried. The question that I have in mind is...does anybody know if Malaysia High Commissioner office in London will renew my passport if they know I am here on...
  4. How much can I save with a MR 22,000/month salary in KL?

    Other Asia
    My company is offering me a salary of MR 220,000 (base) plus MR 44,000 (bonus) per year. Please advise me what is the deductions and taxes I have to pay and what will be in-hand salary per month. And how much can I save out of it considering the fact that I am a gadget and travel freak. Thanks...
  5. Any Malaysian?

    Other Asia
    Going back for Election voting?
  6. Moving to KL

    Other Asia
    Hello guys, This is my first post here. I am a software engineer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Right now my annual salary is around 18,113.76 US Dollar after deducting the necessary tax amounts. My current company is a good one and their office culture and policies are amazing. Anyways, very...
  7. Expats attracted to Malaysia by the nation’s friendliness

    Articles: Asia
    Expats from Europe and North America will continue to be attracted to work in Malaysia with the friendly nature of the people one of the biggest draws, it is claimed. There will also be a lot of Asian expats currently working in Singapore, Indonesia and Greater China who are likely to move to...
  8. From Malaysia To Australia - Support for Malaysians/Those Living in Malaysia

    Australia Expat Forum for Expats Living in AU
    Hello everyone, I am originally from Malaysia and I have recently embarked on my migration journey to Australia (submitted my EOI in 2016 and awaiting ITA). A friend of mine who studied in Australia and has since migrated to Melbourne, Australia planted this idea in my mind back in 2011. At...
  9. Car Loans Malaysia

    Other Asia
    Hi, I have been working in malaysia for few months now and I am thinking of buying a used proton waja and was thinking of getting a car loan around 10000RM for 2 year period. My question is, do companies give loans for expatriates? I have a monthly income of 5000RM. Please advice
  10. Life in Cyberjava for a lady

    Other Asia
    Hello Wonderful people of this forum, My wife is planning to move to cyberjava for an assignment and I will join her after some months. Then we will take up jobs in cyberjava.. Need some information 1) how safe is it for a single lady? 2) what is the average cost of living in Cyberjava? 3)...
  11. HELP! Accountants needed in Malaysia

    Other Asia
    Hi, Anybody can recommend me of an accounting firm in Malaysia? Any place within Kuala Lumpur or Selangor will be fine :heh: Thanks! James
  12. London to Kuala Lumpur

    Other Asia
    Hey guys How is everyone? Me and my partner are thinking of moving to Malaysia Does anyone know what the market is like for IT and financial jobs there? This is for English speakers :) Thanks guys Fizzedine
  13. Expats feel settled more quickly in Bahrain than any other country in the world

    Articles: Asia
    Bahrain, Mexico and Malaysia are the top three countries around the world where new expats who move to work feel at home the quickest. In Bahrain some 47% of expats said that they felt at home instantly or in less than six months followed by 43% in Malaysia and 42% in Mexico. The data from the...
  14. KL Private Schools

    Other Asia
    Hi, We are an Australian / South African family who will be moving to KL in the next couple of months. We are currently looking at Alice Smith vs BSKL vs Garden International - any advice would be greatly appreciated. We have lived in the ME for the past 10 years, so have been doing the expat...
  15. Malaysia then India?

    Other Asia
    Hi, My husband and I are planning to take a 6 months or one year trip in Asia. We'd like to spend 3 months in Malaysia then 3 months in India. Then we'll decide next. We come from Europe and my question is if we can/should get the visa for India while we are in Malaysia and go straight from...
  16. Visa Run - Malaysia to Singapore

    Other Asia
    Hi, I will be moving to JB soon, and have a quick question about frequent travel to Singapore. I plan to go to Singapore from Malaysia at least once a month, but I don't have an NRIC for either country. As I have a UK passport, I am eligible for a 90 day visa in Malaysia and a 30 day visa in...
  17. About Salary, Cost of Living in KL, Malaysia

    Other Asia
    Hi all, I got an offer from a well known company at KL for RM7200. I am planning to move to Malaysia with my family (wife+2 kids). Will this salary be enough for a family to survive in Malaysia? I also heard that, for the first six months any new entrant into Malaysia for job needs to pay 25%...
  18. Mid to High Range Salary an Cost of Living

    Other Asia
    I am into a salary discussion with Big 4 Consulting - Senior Manager Grade in Kualalumpur-Malaysia. I have been asked for a salary expectation by the Firm. I wanted to get a feeler of the existing salary range to live in Malaysia. If some one can guide me as to what is the mid to high end...
  19. Foreigner marrying to malaysia

    Other Asia
    Hi, I am Malaysian currently living in Malaysia. My Gf is a China Shanghai citizen currently working in China. We are in relationship. Have few question regards to marriage hope someone can give a pointers. We decided not to change citizenship status. She will remain staying & work in...
  20. Malaysia introduces new 5-year multi entry visa

    Malaysia is set to offer business investors 5-year multi entry visas in a move aimed specifically at attracting more Australian business people. Business men and women, financial managers and wealthy investors are top of the list for the new visa stream. The new visa scheme will start in...