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  1. Other Asia
    HEY! I'm Marta and I've just completed my registration for being part of this community :) and now... let's introduce myself a little! I'm an Italian girl of 23 years old, I'm from Milan, and in Feb 2015 I graduated in Linguistic Science and foreign literatures. I studied English and Mandarin...
  2. Other Asia
    I'm looking for apartment information for considering a possible move to HK. We would require an apartment within short walking distance from Mody Road (Kowloon). However, we have a rather short budget (by HK standards) :( What areas should I look in and what would be the best-sized apartment...
  3. Articles: Asia
    Kowloon is one of the 18 administrative districts that make up Hong Kong today.  It is a peninsula of the mainland China coast and sits north of the Hong Kong Island across the Victoria Harbor.  Kowloon is bordered by Lion Rock and Tate’s Cairn in the north, Victoria Harbor in the south, the...
1-3 of 4 Results