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  1. Mexico Expat Forum for Expats Living in Mexico
    Hi. My husband and I are thinking of retiring to the Bahia de Navidad area in Jalisco. I am searching through the posts to find prior information about the area from the forum users, but I'd also appreciate any/all information via replies to this post. Our first step is to "vacation" there for...
  2. Mexico Expat Forum for Expats Living in Mexico
    Hi, I'm not sure if I am posting to the correct forum. I guess I'll find out. So, I am getting married in Barra de Navidad in Mexico. I am looking for a recommendation for somebody who can do my hair. Would appreciate any help! Thank you, Courtney
  3. Mexico Expat Forum for Expats Living in Mexico
    Moving from California to Ciudad Guzman and would like all the info I can get about it. Will be taking a trip down a few months before we move but would like to learn about it now. Will be moving with my husband and 16 year old son. We are all only beginning to learn the language. We are pretty...
  4. Mexico Expat Forum for Expats Living in Mexico
    Hi. I was wondering if anyone can direct me to English-speaking/American physicians in Lake Chapala area of Jalisco, Mexico, preferably a physician who is an internist or gynecologist or specializes in general women's health. Thank you.
  5. Mexico Expat Forum for Expats Living in Mexico
    I was browsing through ancient posts and I saw a message from someone wondering about RV opportunities in the Guadalajara area. The truth is there isn't much. As an avid RV'er I thought that the Lake Chapala area would be over run with Parks and Campsites... it ain't so. To the best of my...
  6. Articles: Americas
    Guadalajara is the capital city of the state of Jalisco. It is located at the central region in the western-Pacific area of Mexico. It serves as the capital of the state and the seat of the municipality of Guadalajara.  It is the core of Guadalajara Metropolitan Area, which is a conurbation of...
1-6 of 8 Results