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  1. Other Asia
    I have a plan to go to chennai soon, can anyone suggest best budget hotel stay in chennai near airport.
  2. Mexico Expat Forum for Expats Living in Mexico
    I am driving to Merida from Ontario Canada in late August. I have spoken to some friends in Merida and they are concerned with me driving alone especially not knowing Spanish. I am not overly nervous. But wish to be cautious. I was encouraged to cross at Laredo and stay on the toll ways, around...
  3. Japan Expat Forum for Expats Living in Japan
    Hi! My family and I are coming to Japan August 11 for 2 weeks and are looking for a nice, reasonable place to stay. We'll be in Tokyo mainly, and traveling around that area hosting business meetings for a new opportunity. Any suggestions or recommendations will be greatly appreciated! :)...
  4. Dubai Expat Forum for Expats Living in Dubai
    Hi, I'll be moving to Dubai at the beginning of March with my two Pugs. I'll be in a hotel until we find accommodation. Can anyone recommend any hotels that will accept dogs. I have found a few looking on the web but was hoping for some first hand experience. Ideally the hotel would be very...
  5. Other Asia
    Hi Friends Am a Indian working currently in India in a Leading Job Portal. I was thinking of moving to Singapore and start a business may be a Hotel catering to the 9% Indian Population. I have visitied SIng once and I dont have a clue on the business environment there. The websites say it is a...
  6. Spain Expat Forum for Expats Living in Spain
    Hi all, At the risk of identifying myself as clearly not knowing the score, I wondered if anyone has a view of the following: is it plausible to rent a large house in (for example) Mallorca and then run it as a B&B within the terms of the rental agreement? Or, to phrase the question another...
1-6 of 8 Results