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  1. The Sandpit
    Hi Everyone, New in Dubai and living in downtown, i'd like to me people living close to me on the boulevard ( The lofts, Standpoint, 29 boulevard, central...) I'm a black girl in my 30's, living with my husband, no kids. I'm happy going, love cooking, party, travel and meet people. So feel free...
  2. Articles: Europe
    Expats moving to the UK are not always attracted by the bright lights of London and now research suggests that the best quality of life can actually be found in South Oxfordshire. Improvements in the levels of wellbeing in the area means that it has topped the 2016 rural area quality of life...
  3. Guides
    The Western Isles of Scotland may not have a lot of jobs and regarded more as a holiday destination than a place to work but it is the happiest place in the UK, a new study has found. The research from the Office of National Statistics also found that it is people aged 60 to 79 who are the...
1-3 of 3 Results