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gap year

  1. Australia becoming too expensive for many British gap year students

    Articles: Australasia & the Pacific Islands
    For many young people a gap year can be the start of a love affair with living and working abroad, but for some it is set to become more expensive. For British people in particular the cost is more of an issue as the Pound has made some countries more expensive than others. On a typical £5,000...
  2. Many young people on gap year are not insured, new research suggests

    Articles: Europe
    A gap year can be the start of a love affair with foreign lands as young people explore countries and work in places they might never have thought about as a future home. But as many start out on 12 months of travelling, which may include working on a fruit farm in Australia or an orphanage in...
  3. Exam results see start of gap year planning in the UK

    Articles: Europe
    Young people in Britain have finished their exams and are planning their gap year abroad with Australia, South East Asia, the US and South America being this years’ most popular destinations. It is estimated that thousands will be embarking on being temporary expats for at least a year as they...
  4. Job verification for student visa

    Coffee lounge : Immigration sharing ideas
    Hello, everyone m new here. I am appling for student visa for NZ and i have done b.com in 2010, after that i am showing job in a private company and i have a job experience certificare from them. I just want to know if i am showing my job to fill the gap after my study. will they verify about my...
  5. Insurance Help!

    Australia Expat Forum for Expats Living in AU
    Hi! I'm looking to take a gap year on a working holiday visa in January. Already bought my visa just unsure as to what insurance it is i'll need. Does medicare cover me for everything in Australia or do i need to buy additional cover through a travel company? My left shoulder dislocated a few...