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  1. New Zealand Expat Forum for Expats Living in NZ
    Greetings, I got ITA for 175 points, I have claimed 50 points for skilled work experience as Software Engineer 261313, My BS degree was 4 years BS Computer Science and MS 2 years Computer Software Engineering. I got IQA for both degrees and IQA letter says "The qualification assessed above...
  2. Australia Expat Forum for Expats Living in AU
    Hi, Is there anyone who has served as an engineer in the Defence Services moved to Australia? Please let me know about providing documents for CDR. Thanks in advance....
  3. Canada Expat Forum for Expats Living in Canada
    Hi All, I am intending to apply for Canada FSW Programme. I would like to know if I would require an Experience Certificate, and if yes, is there an agency issuing it or do I have to take it from my current and previous companies. Any help in this is much appreciated. Thanks, Mithun
  4. Australia Expat Forum for Expats Living in AU
    Hi, I have requested the HR department for a job certificate and was advised to pen it down myself :) ,note that HR is a part time job in our company so we do most of the things ourself and get them signed/stamped. I want to be accessed for software engineer or may be systems analyst (havn't...
1-4 of 4 Results