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  1. La Tasca
    As many of us are involved with English teaching or have an interest in the English language I thought we could try a TEFL thread where we can post "Things of Interest". I came across this short interview with Jeremy Harmer today. He talks about the changing face of ELT Interview with Jeremy...
  2. La Tasca
    Not sure if this "allowed" or even a good idea, but let's see... I often see things on the net that are good for classes. There are quite a few teachers on here, so we could give links to possible resources. My students in general are quite high level adults learning English for professional...
  3. Expat Media & Research Requests
    Hi, My name’s Leigh and I’m a self-employed EFL teacher in northern Spain. I am currently working on my research for a book and would love to hear from anyone who is teaching / has taught English in Spain and is willing to be ‘interviewed’. If you’d like to participate, please drop me a line...
1-3 of 3 Results