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  1. Zurich becomes most expensive city in Europe for expats

    Shanghai has become Asia Pacific’s most expensive location for expats for the first time while Zurich, Switzerland has been named as the most expensive location in Europe. The weakening of the Norwegian Krone in response to the weakened oil sector contributed to Oslo’s tumble down the ranking...
  2. Seoul becomes most expensive location in Asia for expats

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    Seoul has overtaken Tokyo to become the region’s most expensive location for expats, with the Japanese city now 12th in the global rankings. The South Korean capital is in tenth position globally, up from 22nd place a year ago, according to the latest cost of living survey by ECA International...
  3. Index names Paris as the cheapest place for young people to live

    When young people move abroad, the cost of living can be a major consideration. While Paris is known as the city of love, it has also been named as the most affordable city for younger people to live. The French capital tips the list of the Youthful Cities Affordability Index compiled by...
  4. help with moving decision

    Mexico Expat Forum for Expats Living in Mexico
    Hi all. I am new here. I am an US expat currently living in southern Peru. I have been here 2.5 years. I am married to a Peruvian and expecting our first child next month. My husband has a job opporunity in Mexico. I am freaking out. In two weeks he will get the official proposal and we...