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buying property

  1. British expats moving home due to Brexit face much higher property costs

    Articles: Europe
    With British expats still unsure what their rights and status will be in European Union countries when Brexit takes place in two years’ time many may be planning to move home. But they could find that selling their home in countries like Spain and France may not bring them enough money to buy...
  2. Buy a property

    Cyprus Expat Forum for Expats Living in Cyprus
    Greetings! I was here under a different name previously and with another email that has been deleted by the ISP, so I couldn't log in to the site. I used to over-winter in the Paphos region every year, we used to rent a villa but haven't been there in the past 4 years due to looking after an...
  3. Golden visas schemes in Europe proving popular with international investors

    Articles: Europe
    The golden visa scheme in Spain, which allows foreigners from outside of the European Union to be granted residency for investing in property and other assets, has attracted thousands of investors. The law offering residency permits to investors was introduced in Spain in 2013 and similar...
  4. Buying an apartment in France

    France Expat Forum for Expats Living in France
    Hi, I'm looking to buy an apartment in Paris with my French partner. We each have money to contribute to a deposit, however his is a much larger contribution than mine. I'm also on a CDD and he is on a CDI so he will be the only one able to get a loan from the bank. Is it possible to...
  5. Hong Kong remains the world’s most expensive place to buy property

    Articles: Asia
    Hong Kong is the most expensive city in the world to buy a home, followed by Singapore, New York, London and Paris, according to new research. These are cities where career expats often aspire towards working, but if they want to buy an apartment then they will pay more than anywhere else in...
  6. Australian considering Mallorcan move

    Spain Expat Forum for Expats Living in Spain
    Is it possible for Australians without european citizenship to buy property in Mallorca? If so, what extra things are required to make this happen? Our 5 year old is Irish if that is also a consideration? Thanks for any help you can give.
  7. Buying a property in Barcelona - Advice needed on the process

    Spain Expat Forum for Expats Living in Spain
    Hi everyone! Myself and partner are looking to buy a flat in Barcelona after renting for the past few years. My only experience with buying comes from the UK, and I'm interested in the equivilant process here and what exists. Does anyone have any advice on the basic steps? I would be...
  8. Buying property as an expat

    Australia Expat Forum for Expats Living in AU
    Hey Guys, I have just got home from a Woohoo Group seminar where they went through creative ways of buying Investment Property. I am currently being sponsored by a company so wanted to look into buying a property out here as I think the market is pretty stable compared to a lot of places. So...