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british banks

  1. British expats face further lack of banking and mortgage choice

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    British expats are facing fewer options when it comes to banking and getting a mortgage as more and more banks and lenders change their policies. The Royal Bank of Scotland and its NatWest arm are the latest UK lenders to stop offering mortgages to expats. All applicants from next week, 19 May...
  2. British expats prefer British banks and sterling, international banking survey shows

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    British expats believe that British banks are best and many prefer to keep their savings in Sterling, a survey has found. Their confidence in the British financial system is maintained even after living abroad for many years with 55% of those who have been overseas for over five years still...
  3. British banks join with Spanish Caja to offer rent before you buy deal for potential expats

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    British people seeking an expat life in Spain are being offered the chance to rent a property to try out the lifestyle before committing to buying in what is currently a depressed real estate market. Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks have added what they describe as a 'risk free' option to...