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britain leaving eu

  1. British expats left worried after UK votes to leave the EU

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    Hundreds of thousands of British expats in the European Union are now wondering about their future after the UK voted to leave the political and economic community. Many had been angry that they were not allowed to vote in a referendum that will now prove to be historic as voting rules in the...
  2. EU vote will mean change for immigrants in UK regardless of outcome

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    If the UK leaves the European Union life for expats across the continent will change and now the opinion polls are indicating a rise in support for exiting. The latest online survey from YouGov puts the Leave campaign three points ahead of Remain at 45% and 41% respectively with 11% undecided...
  3. Campaign for the UK to leave the EU wants to introduce a points based immigration system

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    A debate has opened up again in the UK over whether the country should adopt an Australian style immigration system based on points. It is an issue where, in the run up to the referendum on 23 June on the future of the UK in the European Union, many people are divided. Immigration is currently...
  4. Committee believes rights of British expats will be in doubt if UK votes to leave EU

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    The rights of hundreds of thousands of British expats living in Europe would be thrown into doubt if the country votes to leave the European Union in the June referendum, according to a House of Lords Committee. A number of key issues affecting expats, including access to health care, social...
  5. Poll finds two thirds of British expats in the EU are worried about impact of a BREXIT

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    Two thirds of British expats in Europe are worried about the UK leaving the European Union, believing that such a move would have an impact on their lives. Some 68% said they were worried about a Brexit, 24% were not concerned and 8% did not know, according to the poll of expats in Spain...