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  1. Articles: Europe
    Germany, Bahrain and the UK are the best countries in the world for career minded expats with moving country to find a better job emerging as the top reason for changing country. But it is the UK that is the top country for learning new skills, according to a new survey of 22,000 expats in 163...
  2. Australia Expat Forum for Expats Living in AU
    Hi I had a CO contact and she asked us to provide the Polio Vaccination Certificate. I'm currently residing in Bahrain and I want to know the procedure. Just to update you guys that I went to American Mission Hospital (who actually did my medical examination) but the GP there denied to give...
  3. Articles: Middle East
    Manama, the capital of Bahrain, may not be a city that many people think about as a top expat destination but it has come top in annual ranking as the easiest place to live with Paris coming third from bottom. Paris may be a city of romance and one of the most famous capitals in the world, but...
  4. Other Middle East & Africa
    I am searching for the original Beatles DVDs In Manama, Bahrain. Which is the best music store here where I can find that? <Snip> Need quick advice.
  5. Articles: Middle East
    Bahrain is the best country for expats settling in and for career satisfaction, according to one of the biggest global surveys of expat life. The Gulf nation has leapt from 19th in to top place for making expats welcome in the 2017 Expat Insider survey from InterNations and has seen education...
  6. Articles: Middle East
    Bahrain has been named as the new best country in the world for expats thanks to a welcoming outlook and being a place where expats feel they can settle in easily. In second place in the latest Expat Insider survey is Costa Rica where expats also say they get a warm welcome, with Mexico in...
  7. Other Middle East & Africa
    Hi everyone, I will have an interview for a non-crew position at Gulf Air - Bahrain HQ. How are working conditions there? Do you have any idea about their salary packages? Thanks in advance. Kisses.
  8. Articles: Asia
    Bahrain, Mexico and Malaysia are the top three countries around the world where new expats who move to work feel at home the quickest. In Bahrain some 47% of expats said that they felt at home instantly or in less than six months followed by 43% in Malaysia and 42% in Mexico. The data from the...
  9. Articles: Middle East
    A new health testing scheme for private sector expat employees has been launched in the Middle Eastern kingdom of Bahrain. Officials from the Ministry of Health said it will regulate basic healthcare for employees and confirm they are fit before being granted a work permit. Under the new...
  10. Other Middle East & Africa
    ...yes, yet another one! LOL Arriving mid-August and just wanted to say Hi. Will be living in the Capital Manama. Anyone nearby?:clap2:
  11. Guides
    Emerging economies remain home to the world’s wealthiest expats with Russia, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain the top locations for higher annual salaries, new research shows. These three countries have more overall wealth for expats, greater levels of disposable income and more expats owning luxurious...
  12. Guides
    Moving to the Kingdom of Bahrain? Your guide to expatriate banking services in Bahrain The Kingdom of Bahrain is a small independent country that lies along the coast of the Arabian Gulf. The Bahrain economy is driven by oil and aluminium production, and the recent global economic crisis...
  13. Other Middle East & Africa
    So been here a week and haven't been out... Bored witless! Any suggestions of good watering holes? Anyone in Bahrain?.... Help?
1-13 of 13 Results