Talks ongoing between Brazil and Oman over visa free travel

by Ray Clancy on March 10, 2016

It may look like an unlikely pairing but Oman and Brazil are in talks to provide visa free travel to official passport holders of both countries.

Brazil is further expanding its global presence and fostering new relationships with the Middle East by announcing plans to offer visa free travel to Oman’s diplomats and tourists intending to stay less than 30 days.

According to the Undersecretary General for Africa and Middle East Political Affairs in the Brazilian Foreign Ministry, Fernando Abreu, the talks are now at advanced stages.


The news of potential visa free travel comes as part of Brazil’s trade extension with Oman and exemplifies the Latin American country’s intentions to work on numerous new projects with the Arab nation.

One of the new exciting ventures includes plans for Oman to advertise food products made in Brazil later this year, extending the consumer and business reach of South America’s largest nation.

Shortage of food supplies in Oman was one of the main topics during the talks, which could be fulfilled with Brazil’s help. As a first step towards this, a trade show will be held in Oman this October which will help introduce Brazilian food products to the Oman market.

“Working together with Oman will allow Brazil to expand its business further and open doors to the other Gulf nations, encouraging further Foreign Direct Investment. We look forward to seeing this relationship grow further and witness not only a growing demand for Brazilian foods in Oman, but also an improved touristic relationship and trade influx between the two countries,” said Paul Telfer, chief finance officer of Ritz-G5, an international development and investment company with offices in Brazil, the UK and Singapore.

According to Oman’s Commerce and Industry minister Ali Al-Sunaidy there is a lot of potential and he has been visiting Brazilian enterprises. He also pointed out that Brazilian businesses can, in turn, take advantage of the strategic location and infrastructure of Omani ports, which will help with extending Brazilian product reach in the Gulf.

Brazil already has companies operating in Oman such as the Brazilian mining company Vale which has an iron ore pellet plant and a sea terminal. The company has a total of US $2 billion in investments and generates approximately 3,000 jobs in the region.


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