Tens of thousands of EU staff and students at UK universities uncertain about future

by Ray Clancy on January 21, 2019

As political turmoil continues in the UK over the Brexit deal that will allow the country to leave the European Union, many expats are left in a state of uncertainty, not knowing what will happen in a just a few weeks time.

Universities in particular are concerned as the issue affects students from the EU already studying in the UK, those who want to study in the UK and staff who are EU citizens.


As a result several bodies that represent universities have written to the Government and politicians urging them to sort out a deal and warning them that the current situation leaves many unsure of their future, particularly if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

In the document, Universities UK, the Russell Group, Guild HE, MillionPlus and University Alliance, which collectively represent more than 150 higher education providers across the UK, say the impact of a no deal scenario could lead to an academic, cultural and scientific setback from which it would take decades to recover. [click to continue…]