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More people from South Africa and the UK moving to New Zealand

by Ray Clancy on September 23, 2017

Even in the run up to a general election, the economy in New Zealand is strengthening, jobs market growing and more people are being tempted to move to the nation to live and work.

New Zealand is a popular location with expats and with visitors and they are being attracted by the country’s strong growth and outlook. There has been a rise in people moving from the UK and South Africa.

The nation is also proving popular with visitors, with numbers from both Australia and the United States, increasing, and sporting events also boosting the number of people spending time in the country.

Figures from Statistics New Zealand shows that strong export and domestic demand are underpinning growth. Exports of goods posting the biggest quarterly increase in nearly 20 years and 11 of 16 industries increased in the latest quarter, with retail trade and accommodation having the biggest rise.

The World Masters Games and Lions’ rugby tour increased tourist spending on accommodation, food, and beverages, boosting a usually quieter time of year.

The latest official figures also confirm just how popular New Zealand is with annual net migration at 72,100 in the year to August 2017, up year on year and arrivals reached 132,200, a new annual record.

The biggest increase in arrivals were from South Africa and the United Kingdom as more people from these countries decided to settle in New Zealand. Fewer people are arriving from India with arrivals down 2,600, mainly due to fewer students from India studying in New Zealand.

More people are also visiting New Zealand. The figures show that in August 2017 some 234,000 visitors arrived, a new August record, and 6% more than in August 2016. Almost half of the visitor arrivals were people coming to New Zealand from Australia.

Visitor arrivals numbered 3.7 million in the August 2017 year, another new annual record, up 9% from the August 2016 year. The increase was mostly due to the 86,500 or 6% more people visiting from Australia and 55,200 or 21% more from the United States.



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