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Majority of British Expats would like to move back home

by Ray Clancy on December 10, 2014

Many British expats are unhappy with where they currently live and would move back home given the choice, according to a new survey.

Overall 72% of British expats said they are unhappy where they currently live, with 43% citing home sickness as the main reason for wanting to move back to the UK, while 23% said it was for a better quality of life.

72% of British expats said they are unhappy where they currently live and would move back home if they could

The research, from Experts of Expats, a network of independent advisers from a range of industries, also found that one in five expats would look to move home for financial reasons, while just 1% would move home for career opportunities.

They were also asked why they had chosen their current location and 40% rated quality of life over any other factor. 19% said local culture and 13% said financial or career reasons.

The majority of responses came from France at 15%, followed by 13% from the United States, 8% from Spain and 7% from both Germany and Australia.

Excluding the UK, the top five countries British expats would most like to live in were Australia at 12.2%, the United States at 8.4%, the Caribbean 5.7%, Spain 5.6% and France 5.11%.

For a nation synonymous with a focus on the weather, only 6% of those surveyed cited this as their primary reason for choosing somewhere to live, although it is often mentioned as one of the secondary factors.

‘I live in Germany and although it is an amazing country, it’s just not home. I’d love to move back to the UK and be nearer friends and family,’ one was one reply.

Robert Hallums, founder of Experts for Expats, believes expat life doesn’t always match the dream. ‘Whether moving abroad for work or life reasons, too often lack of investigation means that the dream fails to match reality,’ he said.

‘Circumstances may change, such as the loss of a loved one or failure to meet new friends, and we find that returning home is deemed the only solution,’ he added.

The firm believes that people considering moving abroad must do their research, not just for the short term, but also taking likely scenarios into consideration that could affect their longer term arrangements.


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