No Deal

UK issues advice to expats in EU over what a No Deal Brexit will mean

by Ray Clancy on March 13, 2019

The UK Government has issued a number of policy documents for expats living in European Union countries to indicate the challenges ahead if Britain leaves at the end of this month without a Brexit Deal.

It says that it has asked EU Member States to protect the rights of UK nationals in the event of a No Deal, particularly when it comes to employment, healthcare, education, driving and benefits.


Britain says it has offered guarantees to EU citizens to live in the UK with broadly the same rights in the event of a No Deal Brexit and a number of Member States have already given political assurances to UK nationals about their residency rights.

The European Commission has also published a No Deal Contingency Action Plan, which calls upon EU Member States to take a generous approach to UK nationals who are already resident in their territory. This includes a call for Member States to take measures so that all UK nationals legally residing in a Member States on 29 March 2019 will continue to be considered as legal residents of that Member State without interruption. [click to continue…]