Moving to Thailand

Moving to Thailand

by Jose Marc Castro on August 4, 2009

movingtothailandIMAGESituated in Southeast of Asia, Thailand has experienced a number of years of economic growth prior to the military coup of 2006 that would stall any growth in the immediate future.  While the coup did not have much of an effect on the day-to-day operations of the country, there are concerns about the date of the promised democratic elections.  There is pent up demand with regard to foreign investment, but the actually materialization of these plans and programs are uncertain at the moment.

The main focal point of the country continues to be Bangkok, which has an official population in the region of 8 million according to 2009 Wikipedia (although independent estimates put this closer to 14 million).  The city is one of the main tourist attractions of the world and a common stopping over point for Europeans making the long journey to Australia.  Tourism is fast becoming a massive part of the Thai economy, opening up foreigners to the beauty and mystique of this ancient country.

The Thai immigration system is fairly simple for Expats wishing to live in Thailand. While it is possible to arrive in the country without a visa, it is recommended that visas are arranged prior to travel especially if you are looking to stay more than 40 days.  It is also recommended that you do not overstay and ensure that your visa is updated if your stay is extended.  There are situations where if you are found to have an invalid visa you may be detained in an Immigration Detention Center – until your case is heard and you are deported. The timing for this is all up in the air.

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