Moving To Portugal

Moving To Portugal

by Jose Marc Castro on August 4, 2009

movingtoportugalIMAGEPortugal is most definitely a country that is on the upswing, with the population growing and an economy primed for great success.  While there are large areas of the country dedicated to tourism and holiday revelers, there are climactic differences between the north and southern ends of the nation that have been developed specifically for the tourism industry.  However, on average it is still one of the warmest European states, perhaps one of the main reasons why the country is seeing net immigration grow with more Expats moving and living in Portugal.

The history of Portugal is both interesting and varied, having under gone a series of wars and battles to cement independence, before releasing explorers to all areas of the globe.  The country also has the longest standing alliance of all time, having signed an agreement of co-operation with England in 1373 and now one of the most encompassing, the European Union.

According to Wikipedia in 2009, Portugal has been found as the 14th most peaceful and 13th most globalized country in the world. It has been considered as the 19th highest quality of life in the world in 2009 despite having the lowest per capita GDP of the Western European countries. This truly is a testament to the great potential of the country for both its people and the burgeoning expat population.

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