Healthcare in Australia

Health Care in Australia

by Jose Marc Castro on August 8, 2009

healthcareAUSTRALIAAustralia is a relatively large country with a land area of about 7.6 million square kilometers. Despite the vast land area, Australia has a small population, which is estimated at only 21 million people in 2007. About 89.3% of the population are of European descent and only 2.3% are indigenous or of Aboriginal descent.

Similar to other developed countries, the Australian population is characterized as an ageing society.  Fertility rate is low at 1.4 births per woman in 2005. According to experts, this figure is not enough to replace the impending ageing population. Currently, the Australian Government strongly encourages skilled and sponsored migration to sustain its population. The net migration rate recorded as of 2005 is 3.91 migrants per 1000 population. [click to continue…]