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Canada is the most attractive and trusted country in the G20 among young people

by Ray Clancy on February 4, 2019

Young people believe that Canada is the most attractive and trusted country among the powerful G20 group of nations, followed by Australia, Italy and the UK, with the China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the US the least trusted.

The research by the British Council gives a glimpse into the perception young people have to countries that one day they might want to work in or move to and it has been doing so every two years since 2012.


The report sets out how attractive and trustworthy these leading countries are to young people and the impact this has on their decisions to do business with, study and visit these countries.

The UK’s position has recovered across a range of metrics in multiple territories following a dip in 2016 after the European Union referendum. However, the picture is not wholly positive. The UK’s rankings are not altogether back to pre-referendum levels and there has been a worrying drop in the numbers saying they intend to study or visit the country. [click to continue…]

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