Global job seeking event being held in Madrid

by Ray Clancy on March 11, 2013

Over 80% of UK expats in Spain say they need their winter fuel allowance

Global job seeking event being held in Madrid

Employers from Latin America, Australia, Canada and New Zealand are seeking young skilled people for career opportunities at a series of jobs fairs being held around the world. Organisers, Working In Events, which was set up to help people who are looking at moving overseas for life and job opportunities, is running the fair in Spain for the first time.

The events offer young people with professional skills the chance to meet prospective employers from a range of industries including mining, oil and gas, ICT and construction and from a range of international destinations, such as Latin America, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. The firm says that there will be access to leading overseas employers who are looking to hire, right now as well as a programme of seminars from migration experts with information on the first steps to take in organising a career in a new country.

‘We’re one of the world’s leading organisers of migration events, which we’ve been putting together for well over a decade to help people achieve their dreams of working overseas. Working In job and migration expos are the best of their kind, running in South Africa and Canada as well as the UK and Ireland and now Spain,’ said a spokesman.

The event in Madrid is on 13 and 14 March with a focus on jobs in Latin America, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Employers from these countries will be in Madrid to interview, hire and offer sponsorships for work. ‘We have responded to the need for a channel to connect skilled professionals with employers through our high quality and popular expos, websites and visa services,’ explained the spokesman.

Quote from : “I want to know about IT jobs status in Canada….are there good opportunities for BA or other IT skill sets? and which state has more jobs…..”

‘We’re looking for people in industries with a range of jobs on offer including oil and gas, mining, engineering, healthcare, IT, construction, and more. The countries we’re recruiting for at our events are New Zealand, Australia and Canada which have great lifestyles and job opportunities for skilled professionals. We also have opportunities in countries like Hong Kong, Peru, Singapore and the USA,’ added the spokesman.

There are also events coming up in London, Manchester, Aberdeen, Dublin, and Calgary in Canada.

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