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Wood sawdust - have you ever considered it as a material for cow bedding? The choice of bedding is a crucial decision that every dairy farmer must make. The right bedding will keep the animals comfortable and offer sufficient support for a cow’s frame. The bedding must also remain dry, which will help prevent the onset of disease and provide sure footing to minimize the risk of injuries. So, can wood sawdust brings those benefits to your cows? Let’s explore it in this post.

What is wood sawdust?

Sawdust is a kind of organic material, it is derived from the processing, manufacturing
industry. All kinds of wood and bamboo are planned by the worker, then crushed into small pieces. In the past, because of the small and uneven size, sawdusts were just considered as useless natural wastes.
What can sawdust be used for?
Wood sawdust is used in some industries as their main material:
  • Energy industry
  • Livestock industry (cow bedding, breeding cattle and poultry…)
  • Agriculture, composting & fertilizer industry, cultivation
  • Construction industry
  • Furniture manufacture

What are the benefits of sawdust in animal bedding, especially cow bedding?

Recently, mixed sawdust has been used in one of the most preeminent animal care bio-models to line the barn. In this industry, the role of sawdust is somewhat more direct. Specifically, wood sawdusts after being purchased will go through a simple processing stage to remove impurities that are not good for pet's health while ensuring moderate humidity for good health and packaging as required.

Good quality sawdust is a superb cow bedding material that is non-abrasive, dry, highly absorbent, doesn't cause clouds of dust, keeps cows clean and comfortable, and handles well in slurry systems.

Good quality sawdust which is clean,
With all the great benefits above, let’s get started with our high-quality sawdust today!


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