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What is WPC and why we have to mention wood powders here?

Wood powder is used to manufacture WPC. In fact, WPC is the abbreviations of Wood Plastic Composite. WPC board is a mixture of reclaimed wood (wood powder, sawdust), thermoplastic and a small amount of adhesive. Mostly, the plastic used is recycled from substances like polyethene, polyvinyl chloride, and polypropylene.

What is WPC used for?

WPC with wood powders usually used in automotive, transportation, furniture and building applications.

Why is WPC exciting?

  • Wood powders are contained in WPC, and they help to bring the strength enhancement and retention effect to WPC.
  • It is flexible: Because WPC is created from a substance that starts as a paste, it can be molded to almost any shape and size, including arched or bent shapes. That innate flexibility extends to color as well- WPC can be dyed or colored to suit almost any design scheme.
  • From a functional standpoint, making from wood powders, WPC is moisture-resistant and rot-resistant, meaning that it will last aesthetically and integrally longer than normal wood.
  • WPC is more heat-resistant than typical lumber, creating a product that can be used in locations where normal lumber may bend or warp.
  • It is recyclable and safe for the environment, since it is made from recycled wood such as wood powder and recycled plastic.

Therefore, we can see that wood powder is among the best choices for making WPC. Why don’t you get started with our wood powder today?

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