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For the low cost and high burning rate, it's a good substitute for firewood, coal, oil, gas. Wood pellets are widely used in heating, cooking, boiler and power plant.

Home heating and cooking: wood pellets are used in specialized pellets stoves. Compared with coal and firewood, it has a higher combustion ratio, easy to store and transport.
Industrial boiler: To reduce cost and air pollution, many factories adopt biomass industrial boilers to replace coal and heavy oil.
Electricity generation: wood pellets can serve as fuel for power plants. The heat value of 10 thousand tons of biomass fuel equals that of 8 thousand tons of standard coal. And the pollutant emission is much less.
With the emphasis on environment protection and shortage of fossil fuel, wood pellet fuel has become a promising industry.

Now, our factory has 2 types of wood pellets: pellets for animal bedding and for boilers.
Wood Pellet for animal bedding
Speaking of feeding animals, it is important and hard to keep them healthy. The keeper should care for every single part of the animals. Of these parts, animal bedding and litter is most important, because the animal spends more time on the bedding.

A good quality bedding and litter not only keep them healthy, but also keep them away from the bad living environment. Traditionally, the owners choose the sawdust, wood chips and other materials as bedding for the animals. But now there is a popular bedding widely used as animal bedding - the wood pellet!

Wood Pellet for boiler

With the constant rise in prices of oil and fossil fuels, many homeowners started looking for alternative ways of heating their homes that are more budget-friendly.
Our wood pellet is a highly popular wood fuel product, they burn for a long time and are ideal for home heating solutions. They will not produce carbon dioxide—they are environmentally friendly. Pellets are cost-effective and energy-efficient. If you are looking for high quality wood pellets contact us today.


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