Upgraded online facilities for foreigners seeking work in New Zealand launched

by Ray Clancy on August 21, 2012

New Zealand Now website and SkillFinder tool have both been upgraded

Immigration New Zealand is helping to boost the ability of employers to find foreign workers with two upgraded tools being launched.

It says that the New Zealand Now website and SkillFinder tool are two ways that it is helping prospective skilled migrants to make the move to New Zealand and local businesses to get the skills they need to grow.

The New Zealand Now website has been a key information source for potential migrants keen to make the move to New Zealand for several years.

Stephen Dunstan INZ’s General Manager Settlement, Protection and Attraction said that a series of redevelopments will make the website more user friendly and be able to target appropriate messages to visitors depending on where in the world they are viewing the site.

‘The new site will allow for visitors to receive different messages whether they are in the United Kingdom or North America for example. These messages will be tailored to them and ensure New Zealand is being promoted to potential migrants in the most effective way,’ he explained.

Visits to the website have increased significantly in recent months, with 60% more visitors browsing the site in June 2012 than in February 2012. Improvements to the registration process have also seen the number of people signing up for more information increase by over 500% for the same period. Both visitor numbers and registrations are expected to grow further as a result of the new redevelopments.

Dunstan said that the redeveloped SkillFinder tool will assist New Zealand employers looking to employ skilled migrants, connecting them with the increasing number of people from around the world that are showing interest in bringing their talents to New Zealand.

‘The upgrade to the SkillFinder tool will allow employers to more effectively search for skilled migrants registered with New Zealand Now and they will receive a more accurate picture of the potential audience available to them,’ he pointed out.

‘Deciding to move to another country is a big decision and we believe these changes to the New Zealand Now website will be welcomed by potential migrants and help them with their decision making and potential transition to New Zealand,’ he added.

The New Zealand Now website can be found online newzealandnow.govt.nz

The SkillFinder tool can be found online immigration.govt.nz/employers

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