Strong number of expats who settle in New Zealand want to become citizens, survey shows

by Ray Clancy on October 8, 2010

The majority of people who move to live in New Zealand want become citizens or intend to do so, new figures shows.

Some 78.4% of new migrants had gained or intended to apply for New Zealand citizenship three years after being granted permanent residence, according to data from Statistics New Zealand.

The trend was revealed as part of a wider survey to find out what expats do once they have moved. It involved interviewing a group of people at six, 18 and 36 months after they have taken up residence.

The findings are to be used to help with immigration policy, particularly in the areas of New Zealand immigration selection and settlement policies.

Expats from South Africa are most likely to become New Zealand citizens with 93.3% opting to do so or planning to do so, followed closely by expats from the Pacific region at 93% and those from South Asia at 86.5%.

The survey also found that more than nine out of ten were either satisfied or very satisfied with life in New Zealand, although there was a decrease in the proportion of those who were very satisfied from 44.7% at wave one to 35.5% at wave three.

Meanwhile a separate study has found the New Zealand lifestyle is more important than business and tax issues to those who arrive for investment purposes.

The study, aimed at finding messages to lure potential investor migrants to move to New Zealand, interviewed some who had done so and found that the decision to move was a heart decision and emotive topics such as lifestyle and community were far more important than facts and rationality.

Thirty potential messages were developed for the study and the migrants were asked to select the message that appeal most strongly to them. The top two messages were ‘New Zealand is a great place to bring up a family’ and ‘New Zealand is a small country with a strong sense of community’.

The study report said children are a critical element in the decision to move to New Zealand with young children an important motivating factor for migration but teenaged offspring being a barrier.

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