Steep rise in Chinese people arriving in New Zealand

by Ray Clancy on June 30, 2015

New Zealand is proving increasingly popular with people from China with the number of visitors increasing by 45% in May, official data shows.

Overall visitor arrivals to New Zealand numbered 176,700 in May 2015, up 10% compared to May 2014

Overall visitor arrivals to New Zealand numbered 176,700 in May 2015, up 10% compared to May 2014, the figures from Statistics New Zealand also show.

‘This was driven by more visitors from China and most of this increase was from Chinese holidaymakers,’ said population statistics manager Vina Cullum. Chinese visitor numbers were up 70,200 of which 55,200 were specifically for holidays.

The data also shows that more New Zealand residents are visiting Australia. Overall some 209,400 left for overseas trips in May 2015, up 6% from May 2014. The biggest increase was in trips to Australia, up 3,700 for the May month and 43,300 for the May year, compared with 2014.

New Zealand had a seasonally adjusted net gain, that is, more arrivals than departures, of 5,100 migrants in May 2015. Net migration has been fluctuating around this level for the last nine months, recently peaking at 5,500 in January 2015.

This was the second month in a row that New Zealand has had a seasonally adjusted net gain of 100 migrants from Australia. Before April 2015 there hadn’t been a net gain in migrants from Australia in over 20 years.

Annual permanent and long term migration showed a record net gain of 57,800 migrants in the May 2015 year. Annual net migration has been setting new records for the last 10 months.

In the May 2015 year, New Zealand had the smallest annual net loss of migrants to Australia since 1992. This was due to increased arrivals of both New Zealand and non-New Zealand citizens, and fewer New Zealand citizen departures to Australia.

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