Opportunities Between New Zealand and Latin America Set to Increase

by Ray Clancy on May 15, 2015

Education and trade links between New Zealand and Latin America are set to strengthen after a visit to the region by the country’s Education, Skills and Employment Minister Steven Joyce.

During a 10 day visit to Chile, Colombia and Brazil with a delegation of university representatives and the executive director of Universities New Zealand, the minister said that opportunities will increase.

newzealandMAP‘New Zealand is an increasingly popular destination for Latin American students studying overseas. Within the region, plans to internationalise education systems is also an opportunity for New Zealand to expand its existing relationships into new areas,’ he said.

He explained that New Zealand’s education relationship is focused on research collaboration and scholarships, particularly relating to agriculture, science and innovation. The visit looked at opportunities for co-operation in new areas including teaching training, curriculum development and qualification frameworks.

‘International education fosters learning opportunities and links between New Zealand and the world, encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing, and builds people-to-people connections,’ Joyce pointed out.

‘As a small trading nation our level of success in this Asia-Pacific century will be determined by our level of connectedness. With our reputation for delivering high quality education and research, New Zealand has built a rich education history with Latin America over recent years and there is plenty of scope to further this through greater co-operation,’ he added.

During his visit Joyce gave a keynote address at a science, innovation and technology education conference at Bogotá’s Universidad del Rosario, and spoke at an international education conference in Cuiabá, Brazil.

He also attended innovation forums in Santiago, Chile, and Bogotá, Colombia, and met New Zealand Trade and Enterprise Beachheads advisors.

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