New Zealand tries out faster labour market testing for non-skilled jobs

by Ray Clancy on July 20, 2015

Getting a low skill job in New Zealand could become a lot easier with a pilot programme testing a new streamlined labour market test process in the country.

The new requirements may make it easier for migrants to get low skill jobs in New Zealand

The new requirements may make it easier for migrants to get low skill jobs in New Zealand

Since the beginning of July employers seeking to fill a low skilled vacancy from overseas in the Queenstown Lakes District have been able to access formal advice direct from the Work and Income department.

According to Social Development Minister Anne Tolley and Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse this will speed up the process of lodging a migrant worker visa application.

Work and Income will then refer any suitable New Zealanders to the employer for consideration. Employers will also have access to an updated list of jobs where advice is not required, as Work and Income has no jobseekers available to fill the positions.

‘As well as looking after the interest of New Zealanders this new process will provide more certainty for employers and migrants as they will know sooner if a work visa application is likely to succeed,’ said Tolley.

‘New Zealanders will always be first in line for jobs, but we recognise that for certain roles which are hard to fill, employers want to bring in migrant workers and this new system provides a quicker and more effective solution for them,’ she added.

Woodhouse explained that the changes are being trialled in Queenstown because of the unique circumstances faced by Queenstown employers, particularly tourism operators, in a period of exceptionally strong growth.

‘Officials will also continue to monitor how immigration policies are working for Queenstown employers, in the context of wider work under way in the tourism sector to address labour and skills needs in the long term,’ he said.

‘The changes in Queenstown replace the temporary labour market test exemption which was in place during the exceptionally busy summer season and ended on 30 June,’ he added.

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How to get there ?


Akhona August 6, 2015 at 1:31 pm

I’ve registered for interest to work in New Zealand but I don’t succeed, please help what do I do?


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