More people than ever moving to New Zealand to work

by Ray Clancy on December 22, 2016

It is the time of year when would be expats look to the year ahead and dream of realising a move to a new country, with New Zealand likely to be one of the most popular countries under consideration.

The latest official data shows that once again the number of people arriving in New Zealand continues to break records, with the data showing that in the 12 months to November 2016 there was an annual net gain of 70,400, higher than the October record.

new-zealand-flag‘The annual net gain in migration came from an increase in migrant arrivals combined with a decrease in departures,’ said Statistics New Zealand population statistics manager Jo-Anne Skinner.

Overall, migrant arrivals numbered 126,700 in the November 2016 year, a new annual record. A breakdown of the figures show that people arriving on work visas made up a third of all arrivals, suggesting that there are jobs in New Zealand for those who want to move to the country.

The figures show that some 33% of those arriving in New Zealand, 41,200 people, did so with work visas, 19% or 24,600 were on student visas and 13% or 16,500 were on residence visas.

Visitor arrivals numbered 333,600 in November 2016, setting a new November record and up 11% from November 2015. Year on year visitor arrivals hit a record 3.45 million, up 12% on November 2015.

The data also shows that New Zealand residents set a new annual record of 2.58 million overseas trips in the November 2016 year, up 8% from the November 2015 year.

Meanwhile, in November 2016, New Zealand residents made a record 208,400 trips overseas, up 14% from November 2015.

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