More people are moving to work and live in New Zealand

by Ray Clancy on September 29, 2016

New Zealand is continuing to be popular as an expat destination, with record breaking numbers arriving in the country to live and work.

The latest data from Statistics New Zealand reveal a record-equalling annual net gain of 69,100 migrants in the 12 months to August 2016, the same as the previous annual record from June 2016.

Auckland-New-ZealandMigrant arrivals numbered 125,000 in the August 2016 year, setting a new August year record. Returning New Zealand citizens accounted for a quarter of all migrant arrivals. Migrant departures were 55,900 in the same period, with New Zealand citizens contributing 60% to all migrant departures.

Seasonally adjusted figures showed a net gain of 5,600 migrants in August 2016 and since reaching a peak of 6,200 in November 2015, the seasonally adjusted net gain in migrants has averaged 5,700 a month.

The largest number of arrivals are from Australia with some 1.38 million arriving in the year to August 2016, an increase of 81,100. This was followed by Chinese arrivals at 404,200, up 83,700 and then the United States at 266,300, up by 30,000.

There has also been a change to the pattern of people moving to New Zealand. The number from South Africa increased year on year by 1,600 to 3,700 while those from India fell by 2,100 to 11,900.

The figures relating to visa type show where people moving to New Zealand come from. Overall the number of work visas were up by 3,700 to 39,600 and residence visas up 1,900 to 15,700.

People arriving on work visas, including working holidaymaker visas, mostly came from the UK, France, Germany and Australia while those with residence visas mostly came from China, the UK and Samoa.

More people are also choosing to visit New Zealand for a holiday or to visit family and friends, the data also shows. There were 221,200 visitor arrivals, also a new record for the month of August and up 9% year on year.

Holidaymakers from the United States, Malaysia, and Japan were the main contributors to the rise and the organisation said that an increase in holidaymakers from the US related to the introduction of new routes and additional airlines flying between the US and New Zealand.

Overall the number of visitors from the US in the 12 months to August 2016 was 14,900, up 4,300 and they most commonly came from California, Texas, and New York State. There were 106,100 visitors from Australia, a rise of 3,200, and 3,800 from Malaysia, a rise of 1,600.

The data reveals that there has been surge in people arriving for holidays. Between August 2015 and August 2016 the number of holidaymakers increased by 12,200 to 109,100, of which 40% were from Australia.

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