South American becoming new hotspot for adventurous expats

by Ray Clancy on May 28, 2014

While Spain and France are still popular with British people looking to retire overseas, new locations in South America are becoming more popular with more adventurous would-be expats, it is claimed.

Central and South America have long been popular with expats from the United States and even Canada, but now one firm has identified more interest from the UK.


Popular expat destinations like France and Spain are being abandoned in favour of South American hotspots

Cold winters, rising fuel bills and the ever increasing cost of living mean many are abandoning the UK and looking for a better, more comfortable life elsewhere as Spain and France are often seen as expensive.

Ecuador is being billed as the place to live the expat dream as the cost of living is cheap, there is affordable healthcare available and those looking for work will find getting a visa an easy process.

The economy in Brazil has grown rapidly and it’s also being seen as an exciting emerging market for those looking to move abroad.

The Huffington Post recently listed the top 10 best places to retire in 2014 and four, Uruguay, Columbia, Panama and Ecuador, are situated in South America. Panama was declared the top destination.

The popularity of South America is soaring, and with the World Cup taking place in Brazil this year, many more visitors will be able to get to know the region. Rich in history, there are also stunning architectural and natural wonders to be found in South America as well as a diverse range of foods and culture in its vibrant and colourful cities.

According to South America based Swim Worldwide Investment Management, the whole of South America is experiencing a feel good factor at the moment and although the World Cup is in Brazil, interest in the tournament is also spreading out to other countries in the region.

Paul Scott of Swim Worldwide said that the company’s offices in London and Lugano, Switzerland, exist only to look after clients who have relocated from Europe.

‘Traditionally British expats like to settle in popular areas such as the Spanish Costas, but times are changing and the expat community is getting more adventurous, opting for new hotspots such as South America,’ said Scott.

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