Next generation of expats getting taste for travel at an early age

by Ray Clancy on May 29, 2015

Children are travelling abroad more than ever and many of them could be the next generation of expats-in-the-making, according to new research.


Today’s under-18s are significantly more well-travelled than their parents’ generation

Today’s under-18s are significantly more well-travelled than their parents’ generation, according to a study by Sainsbury’s Travel Insurance, with 69% of parents in Britain saying that their children have travelled overseas more often than they had at the same age.

The study highlights a continual reduction in the average age at which people take their first trip abroad, from aged 12 for those now over 65 to less than four years of age for under 18s, indicating that children have no fear of going to a new county.

According to parents, over a quarter of those who are currently under 18 have visited another country before their second birthday and 63% have done so by the time they were 10.

‘Our research shows that many families are travelling with younger children compared to generations before them, and often further afield. Travelling overseas should be an exciting experience,’ said Scott Gorman of Sainsbury’s Travel Insurance.

Amongst globetrotting children, some 81% have travelled abroad with their parents and 35% with their school. Over a quarter, 27%, have taken a long haul flight and 11% have been overseas with their friends or friend’s parents. An independent 9% have even travelled alone as an unaccompanied minor.

However, Sainsbury’s Bank warns that not all travel insurance policies are the same and that families should shop around for quality and good value. For example, the company provides cover for grandchildren, and children including adopted children, foster children and step-children.


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