New private medial option allows expats to access all their medical records abroad

by Ray Clancy on June 27, 2012

Aviva's new health passport allows medical records to be accessed online

Expats who have health insurance with global giant Aviva can now access their medical records wherever they are in the world.

Aviva has launched a new health passport to help employees of international companies who are working abroad. The scheme is mostly aimed at its International Solutions private medical insurance clients.

It provides online access to individuals’ medical records when they are abroad.

‘If a client needs medical treatment while overseas it is reassuring to know they can safely and quickly access their medical history,’ said a spokesman.

The new product was a launched as a direct result of a survey carried out by the company which found that over a third of adults, some 35% didn’t know their doctor’s contact details.

The survey also found that nearly two thirds didn’t know their blood type and two in five adults didn’t know the name or dosage of their regular medicines.

‘This indicates that having quick access to your medical records could prove vital, especially as records are not routinely transferred by UK hospitals or GPs,’ added the spokesman.

The new scheme is an online system that contains all the customer’s health information that can then be shared and accessed by health professionals. But the information is controlled by the customer.

The records can be updated with prescribed medicines, illnesses, vaccinations, allergies and treatments by medical providers or GPs abroad. The passport can also store next of kin information and personal reminders Customers can also carry a card with them to provide access to their records in an emergency.

With 41% of people unsure what their regular medicine is or even the dosage, and 50% unaware of any medical allergies they may have, quick access to a patient’s records could prove lifesaving, Aviva believes

‘Recalling vital health information in the event of an illness or injury abroad can be tough, and My Health Passport offers invaluable peace of mind. The information it holds can save vital time in a patient receiving the right treatment and can save costs by preventing repeat medical tests,’ explained Teresa Rogers of Aviva.

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