French government reminder to expats in France to fill in annual tax form

by Ray Clancy on April 23, 2010

Expats in France are being reminded that they still need to fill in a tax form even if their income comes from outside the country but the system has been made simpler this year.

France’s Budget Minister François Baroin has unveiled details of the 2009 income tax declaration, highlighting key changes for taxpayers.

Baroin said the aim is that taxpayers should not have to spend too much time completing the declaration, particularly for individuals electing to complete their declarations online.

The main change for this year’s declaration is that the deadlines for online filing are no longer linked to school holidays and instead are linked to the particular department (local authority) in which the taxpayer lives.

Residents of departments in zone 1 (numbered 1 to 19) have until June 10 to complete their declaration. Individuals in zone 2 (departments numbered 20 to 49) have until June 17. For all other departments, zone 3 (other departments), the deadline is June 24. Paper declarations need to be returned by May 31.

The pre-completed boxes are the same as for 2008 and include information such as salaries, pensions and income from securities and transferable capital such as life insurance, shares and investments.

In a bid to reduce costs and resources, French tax authorities are requesting this year that those who do not currently pay by bank transfer provide their bank details, thus enabling any repayments to be made by bank transfer rather than by cheque, although this is not compulsory.

Under the heading marital status there is a new box to tick for anyone who has raised a child on their own for at least five years. A new heading has also been created for certain business such as auto entrepreneurs which has become an increasingly popular way of running a business.

According to the ministry, forms will be sent out this year between April 20 and May 5, and the online service ( will be available from April 26.

The French Finance Ministry has also announced that the deadline for filing the new economic contribution for businesses will be extended from May 4 to June 15, 2010.

The CET, which replaces local business tax in France from 2010, was introduced by the 2010 Finance Law, and comprises a land tax levied on companies and a new levy on the value added by a company. Network companies are also liable to pay a specific lump sum tax.

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Charalee Graydon March 22, 2012 at 8:24 pm

No idea what Zone 1, 2 and 3 meams. That is not particularly user friendly.


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