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andsoitgoes 8th May 2019 06:22 PM

Is my passport card "damaged" or would it be wear and tear?
Hi everyone,

one more question - My US passport card is still in perfectly good shape minus the one issue that the plastic laminate on the back has come up. It's still mostly attached, but I am worried that this would be considered "damaged", as I'm travelling in July, I don't have a ton of room for error here, but it's also VERY difficult for me to attend an embassy in person for a variety of reasons.

I've had no issues travelling through to the US with the card in its current condition, so I'm leaning toward it not being considered "damaged", the front is in perfect shape beyond some minor wear and tear from being taken out to present at the border. Even the damage to the back is relatively minor beyond it peeling up.

Thanks in advance.

WestCoastCanadianGirl 9th May 2019 04:36 AM


I've moved your thread to the USA branch, as you'll likely get a faster, better informed, response from people here than in the Canada branch (which is a slow moving branch to begin with).

andsoitgoes 9th May 2019 06:16 AM

Awesome thanks!!

Bevdeforges 9th May 2019 06:44 AM

Check with your local US Consulate (via their website). From what I can tell, you may be able to apply to replace a damaged passport card by mail - it's basically the same procedure as renewing a passport (same form even), but you check the box to indicate you only want the passport card.

Or, the simplest approach might be to take your US passport with you "just in case."

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