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Factor50 1st July 2019 10:21 AM

Towns accessible from Malaga airport for permanent move
Good morning ,
My very first post and definitely not my last I am sure , so I really hope I can pick some of your brains and knowledge regarding my move.

My situation is I am a pilot working long haul from Dublin. I aim to commute from Malaga airport to Dublin , and because my company fly this route this is not an issue.

However to reduce my commute once returning to Malaga airport I am in serious need of assistance in suggestions of which areas would suit me best or how accessible certain towns are from the airport.

I would certainly like to live in a coastal town and not a city. I have looked at Estepona , Marbella , Benalmádena , Fuengirola , Torremolinos and Nerja. I have found public transport , especially frequency of buses to as far west as Estepona could be a major stumbling block. Especially in winter months. I would not rule out getting a car , however looking into this a little and because of me working away alot this is not my preferred option.

I am in my early 30s , single and so the area I think would best suit me would be a mix of expats and Spanish , swaying more on the side of Spanish maybe. I am really looking to make this a permanent move and have already started learning Spanish , even though I am awful at the moment haha! An area that is not completely full of bars / nightclubs etc , however that is not very quiet either. I would certainly welcome the opportunity to meet some locals of similar age in local bars , coffee shops etc. As I mentioned above a coastal town would be my preference as I love the sea and beach.

Apologies for such a long first message , however this move is extremely important for me so I really want to do all my research to make the best possible choice. I do aim to visit multiple times before making a commitment it is just a case of trying to narrow areas down. This is where I hope I can gain from your expertise.

Many Thanks for taking the time to read my post and fingers crossed I hope to hear back from some of you.

Thanks again,
Factor50 :)

Alcalaina 1st July 2019 10:27 AM

If I were you I'd live in Málaga city. There are plenty of nice neighbourhoods and you have easy access to beaches, countryside, nightlife, culture, and all the services you'd expect in a regional capital. Definitely no need for a car, the public transport is excellent (and will be even better if they ever finish the metro!)

Beach buddy 1st July 2019 10:33 AM

Definately move away from the overpopulated areas and go East of Malaga. Take a look at any of the areas along the bus routes or just look on the outskirts of Malaga like La Cala or El Palo. Further along the coast Rincon de la Victoria is quite lively. Good luck.

Factor50 1st July 2019 10:49 AM

Thanks Alcalaina and beach buddy for such a fast response!

I think initially Malaga itself would be a little to vast and daunting as I am making the move on my own and so a smaller town would be a little more my preference.

I have not really considered the towns to the East you have mentioned Beach Buddy. Is there a good mix of expats and Spanish of a similar age to myself? I really feel integration is going to be important for me.

Beach buddy 1st July 2019 12:52 PM

Absolutely. Its much nicer to the east as well. The beaches are less crowded and although certain areas are "touristy" a lot have retained their "Spanishness" but still have quite good expat communities. I must admit although I love Malaga, not sure if I could live there, but I always like the look of El Palo when passing through on the bus. Dont know how far you want to venture but there are some lovely coastal villages along the bus route. Might be worth just taking a bus ride to Torre del Mar or Velez Malaga on the Ruta bus and have a look for yourself.

Factor50 1st July 2019 01:19 PM

I have taken a good look over a lot of the towns to the East you mentioned , and they do look amazing. My one concern is during my research the description "quiet" and similar kept coming up. I think I will definitely visit El Palo and Rincon de la Victoria on my next research trip. Somewhere I was never even considering so many thanks for the suggestion!!
Do these towns get very quiet during the winter months? Are you living in the area all year round?

I am still interested in peoples views to the west as well. I do like the look of Estepona and Marbella , but as previously mentioned public transport could be a stumbling block.

tarot650 1st July 2019 01:51 PM

You havn't said whether you will be renting or buying.Areas close to the airport,Alhaurin de la Torre,Churriana,Campanillos,Cartama Estacion,Cartama Pueblo,El Sexmo.Playamar all close to the airport and I would not dismiss Málaga as there are some lovely areas on the outskirts especially round the university but just because somebody recommends it does not mean it's going to be right for you.We all have our favourite areas for one reason or another whether good,bad or indifferent.Best of luck and I am sure there is a place out there for you although if renting your market will be limited.A greeting.

Factor50 1st July 2019 01:58 PM

Thanks for your response tarot650.
OH Yeah , probably a bit of useful information alright haha , apoligies it would be to rent initially for the first few years and then to buy once I am settled where I want to be.

It does not have to be close to the airport , just accessible through public transport etc.
You are absolutely right everyone has a different view on what is right for them. I am just trying to narrow the search.
Many Thanks

Beach buddy 1st July 2019 02:46 PM

In answer to your question, yes some on the areas are quiet because the expats are mainly retired people. I would definately take a look at Rincon. Maybe I am biased because I never was interested in Torremolinos or Marbella areas too touristy for me. Its just a case of searching. The other thing about the East of Malaga which is good is the bus service. Regular and good.

Factor50 1st July 2019 04:25 PM

I sure will take a look at Rincon , many thanks Beach Buddy.

My main priorities the more I get some fantastic advice are :

1. Coastal town near the beach , with opportunity to integrate with both expats and Spanish of a similar age (I'm early 30s)
2. Not too quiet , or a town dominated by retirees , I would certainly like a bit of life and the opportunity to mix in the bars and coffee shops with people
3. Public transport was a priority , however I have been pricing renting cars and although long term it wouldn't be suitable , short term it would.
4. And I will be looking to rent to begin with.

I will be heading out in a few weeks for the first proper look around so thanks so much for the replies so far and I would love to hear any more suggestions , especially from recommendations to the west , and towns I have mentioned above ( Estepona , Marbella , Benalmádena , Fuengirola , Torremolinos)


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