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mimi855559 16th June 2012 11:38 AM

Maella, Aragon
We have bought a finca in Maella and would love to be in touch with any ex-pats in the area, for general advice and poss sharing of resources.

Any advice would be appreciated, we are new to this,

thanks muchos


Stravinsky 16th June 2012 12:01 PM

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Congratulations for choosing Aragon .... one of my favourite areas in Spain

RobMcL 24th February 2013 09:04 PM

Hi Maria,

I've been looking into buying a finca in exactly this region - which looks amazing - and have been looking for others who have done so. What's your experience been like so far?

I see you've been posting about permissions for work... I have to be honest, its the bureaucracy and questionable system in Spain that is the one thing holding me back so far!


mimi855559 24th February 2013 09:10 PM

Hi Rob, be careful before you buy, we were a bit mislead by the estate agents in Maella. We got the permission to renovate the house, so all is well now. If you are thinking of buying come see our place first and we can offer some advice.



RobMcL 24th February 2013 09:28 PM


Originally Posted by mimi855559 (Post 1067033)
Hi Rob, be careful before you buy, we were a bit mislead by the estate agents in Maella. We got the permission to renovate the house, so all is well now. If you are thinking of buying come see our place first and we can offer some advice.



Hi Maria,

Thanks very much for the offer - that would be great! Would be good to talk to someone with the experience of doing it... And in that regard, I'm glad to hear you've got things sorted now!

May I ask which agent you used? I'm looking at some properties listed by Finca Casa Aragon. They seem to have a pretty extensive list, but I can't really find much in the way of independent reviews of them or whatever!

Thanks again,

mimi855559 25th February 2013 06:14 AM

Hi again Rob,

yes we used(SNIP), but at the end of the day they are Estate Agents and want to make a sale. In that regard all Estate Agents are the same. You really need to decide what exactly you want the land for and start there. Some of the access to our place is impassable in the wet weather, which we did not know, also the alleged 'spring' which was supposed to run all year, did not and dried for seven months, so we suspect it is actually an aquafer. Also we needed advice regarding how to apply for building permission and got no response at all and had to find our own way through it. After the sale we have heard no more from them even though they assured us that they would keep in touch and help us sort the building out. But maybe they were just too busy? Only believe half of what you will be told and make your decisions accordingly. Do not be put off by the building restrictions, the Maella Ayuntamiento were as helpful as they could be and it took us only a few weeks to get the permission needed and cost very little also we found a great builder close to us and not the one the Estate Agent recommended who was incredibly expensive. There is the start of a nice little ex-pat community in Maella, and everyone helps each other. I am only going over for holidays at present what are your intentions, family, moving, holiday place, retirement?



mimi855559 25th February 2013 06:32 AM

If you are on facebook or skype we can have a chat if that would be useful..

RobMcL 25th February 2013 11:32 AM

Hi Maria,

Ok, well that's good to know. I am definitely sceptical about any estate agent - as you say, they are out to make a sale. So would take anything they say with a pinch of salt. And I did wonder about these "springs" - maybe that was a one off, but I'd suspect a lot will be dry just when you need them most. Of course though, anywhere with a mains water connection is immediately far more expensive.

Very good to hear the Ayuntamiento were helpful and quick. I suspect anywhere I end up buying may have major works to do though, so I'd fear it could take longer.

I'm looking to take somewhere initially at least as a holiday place for myself and family, however it could end up with my parents retiring there...

That's a very kind offer. As soon as I'm permissioned for private messaging I'll get in touch.

Thanks again,

mimi855559 26th February 2013 07:41 PM

our builder Steve is a diamond. London guy been building in Spain for years. We got the whole casita done for what was quoted for just the roof from the builder recommended to us by the estate agents! He has a love for his work and does not cut corners, he is the old type of builder, the ones you could trust... He is in retirement now in Spain but will take on various projects according to his mood lol. Fortunately for us, he liked us and he has done a wonderful job on our little casita.

Let me know if we can help at all



jimmywjimmyw 6th March 2013 12:36 AM

G'day...I'm looking at coming over from Australia at the end of the year to view properties in Maella...most probably a townhouse close to the square....can anyone give me any pointers on what to expect living in such a town...ie services, restaurants, access to int airports etc.....Any help would be more than appreciated....Thanks alot

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